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$49 Wall Mount Dispenser

The automatic soap dispenser with smart motion infrared sensor provides you a sanitary, no-touch experience.

Who's Open This Year

Check out the ongoing list of haunted house openings and closures that The Scare Factor found across the country.

Rules, Warnings & Covid Info

Make sure to have proper Rules and Warnings at your location for the safety of your staff and quests.

Actor and Staff Paperwork

Make sure to have proper Paperwork at your location for the safety of your staff and quests.

Signs and Poster

284 Printable Items for your attraction. Rules Posters, Warning Signs and more to get your staff and guests safe.

Contingency & Safety Plan

*FREE* 60 page Protection, Contingency and Safety Plan that Fear Factory used to be able to open.

Fear Factory and HAA Video

Fear Factory SLC - Check out this 2 hour debriefing of their show. There's tons of info, tips, and tools!

$13 Portable Thermometer

This thermometer uses advanced infrared temperature sensor that has a stable and reliable performance.